Double exhibition closed丨MOREDAY SOLAR won the 2021 China Distributed Photovoltaic Innovation Brand
Saturday, 20 November 2021
From October 18th to 19th, the "Sixteenth (2021)" was jointly organized by the PGO Green Ecological Cooperation Organization, China Industrial and Commercial and Household Photovoltaic Brand Alliance, China Solar Power Tracking System Alliance, and China Information Industry Chamber of Commerce New Energy Branch "Asian Solar Photovoltaic Innovation Exhibition and Cooperation Forum" was held in Hangzhou International Expo Center. Many photovoltaic innovative companies and industry experts attended the meeting.
MOREDAY SOLAR was invited to participate in the exhibition and attend the forum to discuss the future development and innovation of photovoltaics in Asia and help the domestic photovoltaic ecology to flourish. At the award ceremony held at the same time, Mindian Electric Co., Ltd. won the 2021 China Distributed Photovoltaic Innovation Brand Award. Such a hard-won award has further demonstrated the innovative strength of MOREDAY photovoltaic products and the vast future of the future. In the future, MOREDAY SOLAR will continue to invest in technology research and development to help the domestic and international photovoltaic industry and contribute solar and heat to the development of low-carbon China.

During the exhibition, the overseas team of MOREDAY SOLAR(October 18-20, Brazil time) participated in the InterSolar South America 2021 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Brazil InterSolar is the largest and most influential solar photovoltaic exhibition in South America. During the exhibition, the booth of Mindian Electric was crowded with visitors, and it also showed the popularity and popularity of MOREDAY's photovoltaic products.

With the rapid population growth and the continuous adjustment of the socio-economic structure, the demand for electricity in Latin America continues to rise. In recent years, the continuous drought has exacerbated the imbalance between supply and demand in the power system, and frequent "energy crises" have occurred. To this end, MOREDAY SOLAR will continue to innovate, provide customers in Latin America with top-notch products and services, alleviate local power shortages, and accelerate the transformation of Latin America's energy structure and the process of carbon neutrality.