MOREDAY Electric Photovoltaic Product Solutions
Monday, 24 May 2021

    MOREDAY Electric Photovoltaic Product Solutions


Rooted in the field of photovoltaics and new energy, with more than ten years of experience in solar photovoltaic power generation technology, it provides a complete set of solar photovoltaic power generation technologies and overall solutions. In response to national policies and special requirements for photovoltaic power generation, Mindian Electric Co., Ltd. has developed and produced DC/AC products used in the photovoltaic field, including photovoltaic DC circuit breakers, DC/AC isolation switches, surge protectors, fuses, etc. Products, as well as solar inverter systems, combiner boxes, power distribution systems, etc. completely independently developed and produced.

 Industrial and commercial roof solutions

Industrial and commercial roof solutions are the most widely used. Photovoltaic power generation projects mainly built on the roofs of urban buildings must be connected to the public power grid and provide power supply services for shopping malls, factories, office buildings, etc. together with the public power grid.

Photovoltaic power station solutions

Photovoltaic power plant refers to a photovoltaic power generation system that uses solar energy and uses special materials such as crystalline silicon plates, inverters and other electronic components to form a power generation system that is connected to the power grid and transmits power to the power grid. Photovoltaic power plants are the green power development energy projects most encouraged by the state.

Distributed energy storage solution

Distributed energy storage solutions refer to energy storage and conversion devices that are modular, can be quickly assembled, and connected to the power distribution network. According to different forms of energy storage, distributed energy storage can be divided into electrochemical energy storage (such as battery energy storage devices), electromagnetic energy storage (such as superconducting energy storage and supercapacitor energy storage, etc.), and mechanical energy storage devices (such as flywheels). Energy storage and compressed air energy storage, etc.), thermal energy storage devices, etc.

Home roof solutions

A household system refers to placing photovoltaic panels on the top floor of a family residence or in the courtyard, using low-power or micro-inverters for the commutation process, and directly using this new energy source, and surplus electric energy can also be integrated into the grid.