Congratulations to Mindian Electric·Zhengwei Technology's centralized photovoltaic power generation
Wednesday, 29 September 2021

On September 29, 2021, Jiangxi Ji’an Zhengwei Technology’s 50MW Centralized Photovoltaic Power Station project passed the grid acceptance successfully, and the grid-connected power generation was put into operation as scheduled. The project is a joint cooperation between Mindian Electric and Jiangxi Zhengwei Technology. The funder is Zhengwei Technology. Mindian Electric is fully designed and contracted to provide green and clean energy for the Ji'an area of Jiangxi Province. Simultaneous surveys will begin in July 2021. And project construction. In the face of the national energy dual control, carbon neutrality and carbon peaking special actions, this photovoltaic project can effectively alleviate part of the electricity demand in Ji'an area. In the face of repeated domestic epidemics, Mindian Electric has made practical preparations for epidemic prevention, overcome numerous difficulties, and ensured grid-connected power generation operation in the shortest time, racing against time for this project.

(50MW  Fishing and light complementary power station)

This project is directly integrated into the public grid through photovoltaic power generation and connected to the high-voltage power transmission system to supply long-distance loads. It is a traditional fishing and light complementary power station. The principle of safety and efficiency, combined with customer needs, provides high-quality products and installation services that comply with national industrial standards and specifications.

(Project booster station equipment area)

25 years of power generation of Ji'an Zhengwei Power Station

25 years of total power generation

214820.41 Ten thousand KWH

25 years to reduce coal use

701615.45 Tons

25 years of CO2 reduction

2519055.42 Tons

25 years of SO2 emission reduction 

53978.78  Tons

25 years of nitrogen oxide reduction

26991.66 Tons

This project converts local solar energy resources into clean electric energy, closely centering on the rural revitalization strategy, and continuously injects inexhaustible impetus into the strengthening of the village's collective economy and the construction of beautiful villages. After the project is put into operation, it will contribute more than 5 million yuan to Ji'an area every year. Mindian Electric will continue to actively fulfill its social responsibilities, promote rural revitalization, and help "carbon peak and carbon neutrality"!